After thoracic surgery, air, liquid, and blood can accumulate in the spaces around the heart and lungs, which can lead to complications and even death if not properly evacuated. Chest tubes are used to evacuate these collections, and are used in nearly all heart and lung surgery cases.

Chest tube clogging after thoracic surgery is a common problem. When chest tubes clog with clot, blood is retained in the chest leading to Retained Blood Syndrome (RBS). Most of the time, chest tubes clot in the portion inside the patient, which is not visible to and addressable by clinicians. The PleuraFlow Active Clearance Technology (ACT) System enables caregivers to actively keep chest tubes clear of clot to maximize evacuation of fluids from the chest and decrease the potential for Retained Blood Syndrome.

Retained Blood Syndrome (RBS) is the composite of drainage-related complications after cardiothoracic surgery, including hemothorax, pericardial tamponade, bloody pleural or pericardial effusions. Retained Blood Syndrome complications are detrimental to patient outcomes and may require early or late reinterventions to remediate.

The PleuraFlow ACT System is inserted between the chest tube and the drainage canister tubing. PleuraFlow ACT uses a Clearance Wire and Loop inside the System that, when indicated, is manipulated to proactively prevent and clear clots without compromising the sterile environment inside the chest tube.

  • Efficient: The PleuraFlow ACT System is packaged with a silicone chest tube that is specifically calibrated for use with the PleuraFlow ACT. The chest tube is inserted during surgery and attached to the PleuraFlow ACT to enable proactive clearance of clots from within the chest tube postoperatively.
  • Cost Effective: PleuraFlow ACT is priced for routine use. Adoption of PleuraFlow ACT may save facilities money by standardizing chest tube management protocols and by decreasing the occurrence of Retained Blood Syndrome.
  • Simple: Using PleuraFlow ACT has been found to be intuitive and easy to use. Its award winning design fuses function with ergonomics to create a robust instrument proven to improve postoperative blood evacuation.
  • Reliable: PleuraFlow ACT enables proactive clearance of chest tube clots to maximize evacuation capacity. Reliable evacuation capacity may enable surgeons to use smaller chest tubes, and potentially reduce patient discomfort.
PF-20 20FR PleuraFlow ACT System
PF-24 24FR PleuraFlow ACT System
PF-28 28FR PleuraFlow ACT System
PF-32 32FR PleuraFlow ACT System

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