Ocean 2002-000

Oasis 3600-100

Traditional Wet Suction Control uses water column to regulate suction level. Water seal is protected but suction control float valve can potentially spill out during a knock-over.

Dry Suction Control. Dynamic, Dry Suction Control Regulator requires no water to operate so no fluid to spill out during a knock-over.  Suction always working in any position (i.e. during knock-overs)

Pre-attached, pre-measured funnel for quick and easy set-up – 45cc of sterile water required for water seal set-up and 315 cc to fill suction control chamber.

Total water = 360cc (not included)

Pre-attached, pre-measured sterile water ampoule for quick and accurate set-up.

Total water = 45cc (included)

Bubbling.  Suction Control Stopcock allows clinicians to adjust the rate of Suction Control Chamber bubbling conveniently at the chest drain. 

No bubbling. Reduced noise for increased patient comfort. Large, bold, easy-to-read numbers on the regulator dial provides easy visual confirmation of suction setting, even from across the room or in low light settings.

Self-sealing grommet located at 10cm level for adjusting water levels to adjust suction levels at anytime during use

Convenient fingertip suction adjustment.  Can easily dial any suction setting from -10cmH2O up to -40cmH2O


Audible bubbling in suction control chamber confirms suction is applied to drain and functioning properly.

Highly visible, vacuum activated bellows readily confirmation of suction operation.