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The VHK 2000 and VHK 2001 Reservoirs meet the demands of all operating and perfusion techniques in the field of open heart surgery.  They offer a maximum capacity of 4200 ml and are designed for optimum positioning flexibility. Venous blood and cardiotomy blood follow different routes through the reservoir.

The upper venous inlet can be rotated through 360 degrees. Six symmetrically arranged suction connections ensure the reservoir is well positioned at the heart-lung machine.

The reservoir is available in two versions: standard (VHK 2000) or vacuum tight (VHK 2001). The vacuum tight version incorporates a combined positive and negative pressure relief valve.

Minimum operating volume

  • With a minimum operating volume of 300 ml and a maximum capacity of 4200 ml, the VHK Reservoir exceeds the requirements for safe and effective management and handling of venous return and suction blood during extracorporeal circulation.
  • Clear, precise and readable volume scales make volume management and monitoring accurate and reliable.
  • The transparent blue lid enables blood quality to be easily monitored.

Fully flexibile

  • With a fully rotatable top venous inlet, venous return and suction lines can be easily positioned correctly in relation to pumps and patient, thereby enabling tubing lengths to be shortened appropriately. 
  • The reservoir is also fully rotatable around the oxygenator, providing full rotability at the top as well as at the bottom for full flexible set-up at the heart-lung machine.
Maximum volume 4.200 ml
Maximum blood flow rate Venous reservoir 7 l/min
Cardiotomy reservoir 5 l/min
Combined maximum 7 l/min
Pore size cardiotomy reservoir    40 µmv
Venous blood inlet connector    1/2"
Suction inlets, 6 places    1/4"
Suction inlets, 1 place   3/8"
Sampling etc.: 9 openings (7 filtered, 2 unfiltered)  Luer-Lock
Pump outlet    3/8"
Quick Prime   1/4"
Recirculation 1/4"
Venous Hardshell Cardiotomy Reservoir
Housing parts Polycarbonate
Filter/defoamer Polypropylene, Polyester,Polyurethane
Seals Silicone
Caps Polyethylene
Luer-Locks Polypropylene
Sterile pouch   PE film, Tyvek®
Multi-unit box    Cardboard box
Method of sterilization    Ethylene oxide

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