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Today’s LDR/LDRP units are outfitted with equipment ranging from furniture-like birthing beds and headwalls that conceal stand-by monitoring and emergency equipment to ceiling-retractable lighting such as the Getinge LED Concealed Lighting System. These low-profile arrangements are designed to facilitate improved patient care while creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for expectant mothers.

Unlike fixed ceiling lights, the Getinge LED Concealed Lighting System is flexible, allowing the lighthead to be easily maneuvered and set in an optimized position. Advanced LED technology sets a new standard of illumination quality, safety, comfort and operational efficiency.

Advanced lighting with advantages:

  • Quality illumination with ideal shadow control for optimized viewing
  • Minimum heat output for physician comfort
  • Light where you need it — direct line of sight

Designed for ease-of-use and safety:

  • Flush with room ceiling to eliminate clutter when not in use
  • Easy access in seconds to aid in patient care
  • Safety mechanism to prevent door closure if obstructed

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