IABP therapy helps the heart by increasing oxygen to the heart while decreasing its workload.

What to Expect During IABP Therapy

What to Expect During IABP TherapyMost likely, the therapy will be initiated in a Cardiac Cath Lab or an Operating Room; and afterwards, you will be taken to an Intensive Care Unit. Here are a few tips that can help you feel more at ease:

  • Bed rest is important during the therapy. To help ensure that your balloon catheter functions properly, don't sit up, get out of bed, or bend the leg in which the balloon catheter is inserted
  • You will be able to hear the balloon pump machine inflating and deflating. Don't be concerned when the balloon pump stops briefly, as it is programmed to do so at certain intervals. During this time, your heart will continue to beat on its own. Remember, a nurse or health care professional trained in the operation of the balloon pump will be monitoring the machine throughout your therapy
  • Let your nurse or physician know if you notice any changes in your condition, particularly chest pain, chest heaviness, numbness or tingling
  • When the therapy is no longer needed, a physician or other trained health care professional will remove the balloon catheter and hold pressure on the site until the bleeding stops. You will be on best rest for a while after that and your nurse will give you instructions on when you can bend your leg, sit up and get out of bed

If you have any questions about balloon pump therapy please do not hesitate to ask your nurse or physician.