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MYWIRE Temporary Pacing Electrodes are used for temporary stimulation of the heart by means of an external pacemaker. MYWIRE Temporary Pacing Electrodes are used for post-operative arrhythmia therapy.

The Electrodes are provided with round-bodied needles (thoracic needle with trocar tip, myocardial needle with round-bodied tip). The thoracic needles are flattened in the middle of the needle. This makes it much easier to hold the needle with a pair of forceps. In contrast to hollow-bodied needles, the MYWIRE round bodied needles have no punch effect.

Sterile and Disposable

The MYWIRE Temporary Pacing Electrode is a sterile disposable product intended for single use.

Securely Anchored

The electrode is securely anchored by means of either the zigzag shape of the stripped steel strand or by means of an anchor made of spliced insulation material (a so-called tines anchor). In cardiac wires not equipped with myocardial needles, this function is performed by V hooks or loop anchors.

Bipolar Options

Among the bipolar Cardiac Wires, one model has a stainless steel jacket which acts as the second pole. This second pole is located directly adjacent to the insulated first pole and, after implantation, also lies in the puncture channel. The extracorporeal ends of the Cardiac Wire are equipped with a straight or curved trocar needle for perforating the chest wall.

Cardiac Wire: Cut to Length

The Cardiac Wire can be cut at any desired point along its length to install the plug. After cutting the wire, the insulation is left in place and the cut end is inserted into the insertion funnel of the connection plug up to the stop. A single clockwise twist locks the connection plug in place and strips the insulation. This method eliminates the possibility of coming into contact with the bare end of the strand while installing the connection plug. In the case of the quadripolar Cardiac Wire, the strand can only be shortened as far as the beginning of the sheathing.

The Temporary Pacing Electrode consists of:

  • A multi-wire stainless steel braided cord
  • A blue polyethylene cover

The Temporary Pacing Electrode is available as:

  • Unipolar
  • Bipolar
  • Quadripolar

Connection Plug

The connection plug is used to establish a connection between the Cardiac Wire and a commercially available temporary pacemaker and / or an extension cord.

  • Made of transparent PVC components
  • Contains a gold-plated brass contact pin
  • Mates with all 2 mm connection sockets found on commercially available temporary pacemakers
  • A removable protective cap protects the connection plug's contact pin when plugging in or unplugging the device. The protective cap is either white or blue to assist in differentiating between the atrial and ventricular stimulation electrodes after implantation

How to order

To place an order or learn more about any of the Maquet products, related accessories, or therapeutic solutions, please contact your local sales representative. 

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