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OTESUS represents the intelligent evolution of the proven ALPHAMAQUET OR table system. With its versatile table tops, the OTESUS 1160 can be used across all surgical disciplines.

In addition to its clinical uses, the OTESUS 1160 is particularly distinguished by its cost-effectiveness; thanks to its compatibility with the existing ALPHAMAQUET equipment the cost of upgrading can be significantly reduced.

The expanded range of tilt and Trendelenburg/ reverse Trendelenburg angles enhance the use of gravity to achieve the best possible exposure of the surgical site, enabling improved access in minimally invasive interventions.

Meet the latest member of the OTESUS 1160 family:

OTESUS ERGO DRIVE TRANSPORTERThe motorized OTESUS ERGO DRIVE transporter is an efficient, user-friendly answer to OR challenges. Conventional solutions require staff to use their own physical strength for patient transfer as well as for table top transfer. The ERGO DRIVE helps to reduce this strain. It features an advanced autodrive function for easy table maneuvering. The individual speed regulation and control is simple and intuitive to operate using the “Sensor Drive handle”, which is controlled similar to a motorbike.

OTESUS 1160 Family


  • Free choice of buying new equipment or using existing ALPHAMAQUET equipment. Fully compatible with all existing ALPHAMAQUET 1150 and many 1140 table tops and accessories, as well as 1120 and 1150 base plates.
  • Independently maneuverable column: compatible with multiple transporters and table tops (including 1150, 1160, 1146), suitable for all surgical disciplines.
  • The ERGO DRIVE transporter is compatible to columns and table tops of OTESUS 1160 and the predecessor model ALPHAMAQUET 1150; as well the mobile column of OTESUS 1160 can be lifted. The telescopic handle enables use with various table top lengths.


  • Improved positioning possibilities thanks to expanded range of angles for combinations of Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg and lateral tilt.
  • Independently maneuverable column offers an added mobility.

OTESUS precision

  • OTESUS's motorized movements are smooth, controlled, and highly precise. Four speeds are available, increasing patient safety during intraoperative repositioning in neuro, spine, and micro surgery.
  • The angle indicator clearly displays the angles of Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg, lateral tilts, and the position of the back plate. It provides orientation, facilitates communication in the OR with regard to patient positioning, and aids positioning documentation.

OTESUS ergonomic working conditions

  • Enhanced ergonomics through increased hight adjustment to provide optimum work bench for the surgeon.
  • Expanded range of angles for improved access to the situs.
  • The OTESUS independently maneuverable columns innovative narrow design and flat foot plate contribute to an ergonomic working environment and improves patient access.
  • The motorized ERGO DRIVE transporter helps to reduce the strain of OR staff.

Transponder technology

  • OTESUS’s transponder technology helps to prevent collisions between the OR table and the column or the floor.
  • Automatic recognition of normal/reverse positioning.
  • Automatic locking to prevent damage.

Hygienic design

  • Sanitized® anti-microbial coating on column bellow.
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel surfaces with electrolyte finish.
  • Mobility (independently maneuverable column) simplifies cleaning.

OTESUS has been redesigned to provide even more freedom when it comes to table positions. Due to expanded angles for combinations of Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg and lateral tilt, OTESUS delivers benefits across all disciplines.

More flexible than ever

  • Optimized access for laparoscopic procedures such as colon resection.
  • Precise, controlled, and barely perceptible table top movements increase patient safety during neurology and spinal surgery.
  • A wider range of height adjustment enhances ergonomics and allows surgeons to work at their preferred height.
  • The hand control clearly displays the angles of Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg and lateral tilt, and provides information on the position of the back plate – for efficient documentation.

How to order

To place an order or learn more about any of the Maquet products, related accessories, or therapeutic solutions, please contact your local sales representative. 

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