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The hemoconcentrators BC 20 plus, BC 60 plus, BC 140 plus provide optimum conservation of patient blood and considerably minimize the need for homologous blood products. By means of transmembrane pressure, they remove excess plasma water and micromolecular components effectively, yet retain corpuscular blood cells, proteins and other valuable components of higher molecular weight.

No-Rinse Technology for Immediate Use

Fluid management becomes simple, efficient and cost-effective, with no pore-filling agents and no pre-rinsing.

Outstanding Biocompatibility

Dependable Ultrafiltration

The highly stable, state-of-the-art polyarylethersulphone membrane material separates substances of high and middle molecular weights. The substance elimination rate is clearly indicated by the sharp sieving coefficient curve. All valuable blood components are retained while plasma fluid is quickly and efficiently removed.

Low Priming

Hemoconcentrators offer outstanding ultrafiltration performance at minimal priming volume.

Available in Three Sizes

Each hemoconcentrator is available as a single sterile product, as a pre-assembled hemoconcentration set with tubing and accessories, or as part of a custom-made perfusion set.

Membrane surface area [m²] 0.2 0.7  1.35
Internal diameter of the hollow fibres [µm] 215 215 215
Wall thickness of the hollow fibres [µm] 50 50 50
Length of concentrator [mm] 175   212 283
Priming volume [ml] 17 ± 10% 65 ± 10% 98 ± 10%
Maximum TMP [mmHg] 600 600 600
Membrane    Polyarylethersulphone (PAES)
Housing    Polycarbonate (PC)
Caps, stoppers Polyethylene (LPDE)
Blood side Dia connectors, Luer-Lock
Filtrate side Dia connectors (BC 60 plus, BC 140 plus), Luer-Lock (all)

How to order

To place an order or learn more about any of the Maquet products, related accessories, or therapeutic solutions, please contact your local sales representative. 

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