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GShape initiative lays the foundation for business process harmonization across the Getinge Group


Standardizing process compliance and process efficiency are important to our business, not only for increased profitability, but also for more transparent compliance with laws and regulations. As a medical product manufacturer, Getinge Group and Maquet are subject to the strict requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory agencies around the world.

Implementing these compliant processes requires IT support. When the support contract for part of the deployed SAP systems expired, Maquet used the opportunity to re-evaluate business processes and look for ways to improve. Instead of implementing an upgrade project for the affected locations, they dared to make a completely new start. The legacy systems, with their numerous interfaces and individual programming, would be replaced by a globally uniform platform with harmonized processes and data flows. That was the genesis of the project “GShape“ (formerly known as “MShape”), an award-winning initiative.

As a result of the project, today 90 percent of all Maquet processes worldwide are implemented in a standardized way. You can read more about this comprehensive harmonization project in an English translation of an article from blaupause – the official magazine of the DSAG (German-speaking SAP User Group e. V.).

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About DSAG

The German-speaking SAP User Group e. V. (Deutschsprachige SAP-Anwendergruppe) of Walldorf, Germany, is an independent special interest group that represents all SAP users in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The group’s mission is to encourage the realization of SAP solutions that meet members’ needs and to promote the exchange of experiences and information both among SAP customers as well as with SAP. Founded in 1997, DSAG is a registered association (eingetragener Verein) with more than 3,000 companies with more than 55,000 registered DSAG-members. DSAG is currently one of the largest SAP user groups and influencing channels worldwide.