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SERVO-U and SERVO-n ventilators win Prestigious Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA)


Award cites design, engineering and functional innovations in medical technology

The Maquet SERVO-U® and SERVO-n® critical care ventilators* have won the Gold Award in the category “Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Products” as part of the 2015 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA). The 2015 MDEA Juror Panel selected finalists from over 100 entries in 10 medical technology product categories. Products were judged based on design and engineering innovation; function and user-related innovation; patient benefits; business benefits; and overall benefit to the healthcare system.

The prestigious MDEA awards celebrate the achievements of medical product manufacturers, their suppliers, and the many people behind the scenes - engineers, scientists, designers, and clinicians - who are responsible for the groundbreaking products that are saving lives, improving patient healthcare, and changing the face of medtech.

This is the third recognition by a highly-regarded award this year: Both the SERVO-U and SERVO-n ventilators also won the Red Dot Award: Product Design, while SERVO-U was in addition honored with the Design for Experience Award.

Innovative design benefits clinicians, patients and families

SERVO-U and SERVO-n are the latest products in the successful partnership between Maquet Critical Care and Veryday, a leading design and innovation consultancy. These high-end Intensive Care ventilators are designed to enhance user confidence by introducing context-based guidance, decision support, and the possibility to educate users directly on the ventilator. The pioneering design offers a modern user experience and a completely touch-based interface, which empowers users to manage ventilation in a highly intuitive, straight-forward and timesaving manner.

SERVO-U and SERVO-n reportedly require minimal training, and allow clinicians to make efficient and more confident decisions.** They set a new standard for intuitive, logical and easy-to-use ventilators on the global market.

Read about first impressions of SERVO-U reported from Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin, Ireland

Tradition of award-winning design

CARDIOHELP MDE silverThis is not the first time that Maquet has been honored with the MDEA award. In 2012, Maquet received the Silver Award in the same category for the CARDIOHELP System for circulatory and pulmonary support.

It is the world’s smallest portable heart-lung support system, providing extracorporeal life support to replace or support a patient’s circulation and respiration for those whose heart and/or lungs are failing despite other treatment options.

* = SERVO-U and SERVO-n are not for sale in the US. The products may be pending regulatory approvals to be marketed in your country. Contact your Maquet representative for more information.
** = Based on user statements from product development and validation – Data on file, Maquet Critical Care, Solna.