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When blood comes into contact with an extrinsic surface during extracorporeal circulation, cellular and plasmatic regulation mechanisms are activated. By its very nature, extracorporeal blood circulation produces intensive contact between blood and a whole range of extrinsic materials.

BIOLINE Coating improves the biocompatibility of extracorporeal circulation system devices by mimicking human tissue. BIOLINE Coating is designed for extracorporeal circulation system devices that come into contact with blood, including oxygenators, centrifugal pumps, filters, reservoirs, venous bubble traps, catheters and cannulae, tubes and tubing set accessories.

BIOLINE Coating combines albumin and heparin. Albumin is adsorbed on the extrinsic surface and is linked to the heparin molecules. Stable attachment of the heparin molecules is achieved by the formation of covalent bonds and ionic interactions between the heparin molecule and the immobilized albumin.

The use of BIOLINE Coating brings numerous benefits:

Reduced Thrombus Formation

Medical devices treated with BIOLINE Coating demonstrate a reduction in thrombocyte adhesion and thrombus formation

Reduced Neuronal Damage

Following bypass operations, patients treated with BIOLINE coated systems demonstrate lower levels of neuronal damage in the post-operative field

Reduced Adhesion

Medical devices coated with BIOLINE demonstrate a considerable reduction in the adherence of leukocytes and cell clusters

Improved Biocompatibility

Improvement of the physical characteristics of extracorporeal circulation system device surfaces thanks to BIOLINE Coating

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