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This program addresses pressing questions for decompensated heart failure patients in the cath lab—what treatment and when?

The lectures will provide refreshers on the basics, pharmacology for acute heart failure, current thinking about the targets for hemodynamic support, and key hemodynamic support-device clinical trials. This program also features multiple question and answer sessions and case presentations for high-risk PCI and cardiogenic shock.

Learning objectives

After attending the program, learners will be able to:

  • Identify epidemiologic trends in heart failure in the United States and implications for interventional cardiology
  • Describe the rationale for device selection among balloon pumps, ventricular assist devices, and ECMO
  • Appraise key and recent clinical trial evidence for hemodynamic support devices in the treatment of heart failure
  • Determine appropriateness of hemodynamic support devices in high-risk PCI and cardiogenic shock clinical scenarios


Cardiogenic Shock: The Definition of the Syndrome and Goals of Therapy
Eric R. Bates, MD, FSCAI

Optimal Pharmacology for Heart Failure
Manish A. Parikh, MD, FSCAI

Optimal Pharmacology for Heart Failure
Manish A. Parikh, MD, FSCAI

Overview of the Key Clinical Trials in Heart Failure and Hemodynamic Support
Sandeep Nathan, MD, MSc, FSCAI

Hemodynamic Support Devices
Navin K. Kapur, MD, FSCAI

Advanced Therapies: ECMO and Beyond
Sandeep Nathan, MD, MSc, FSCAI

How to Manage the Patient with Hemodynamic Support: Troubleshooting
David M. Shavelle, MD, FSCAI

Epidemology of Hearth Failure: The Past, Present and Future
Roxana Mehran, MD, FSCAI

Case Studies

Case Presentation Successful Use of IABP to Bridge a Patient with Profound Cardiogenic Shock for Hospital Transfer Resulting in Hospital Discharge
Sandeep Nathan

Case Selection for Prophylactic Support
Manish Parikh

Case Presentation: Acute Left Main Stem Occlusion, Refractory to Pharmacotherapy and Mechanical Therapy: Bailout by IABP
David. M. Shavelle, MD, FSCAI

Case Studies