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Mechanical Circulatory Support: What does the heart need and when?

The approach to critically ill patients needs to be tailored to the specific support needs with accommodations for associated conditions which complicate the clinical scenario. The purpose of this session is to highlight, and share experiences on the use of Mechanical Circulatory Support in treating the unstable patient undergoing PCI.

This session was chaired by Dr. Simon Redwood & Dr. Marko Noc, the speakers were; Dr. Divaka Perera, Dr. Nico Pijls & Dr. Navin Kapur. They provided insights into the science behind mechanical circulatory support, looking at their effect on coronary perfusion and LV unloading.


Introduction, Objectives and Case Review
Marco Noc, University Medical Center, Ljubljana-Slovenia

Science and Theory of Haemodynamic Support
Divaka Perera, St Thomas Hospital, Kings College, London, UK

Exhausted Auto-regulation of Coronary Flow: New Insights in IABC Therapy
Nico H J Pijls, Catharina Hospital, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The Science of LV Unloading with IABPs- Supply and Demand
Navin Kapur, Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA

IABC, pLVADs, ECMO: Are they competing therapies? What does the heart need and when?
Simon Redwood, St. Thomas Hospital, Kings College, London, UK