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New Hybrid Operating Room in Getinge Experience Center, Germany


Getinge is pleased to announce the opening of a new modern hybrid operating room (OR) in the Experience Center in Rastatt, Germany. The Hybrid OR – a surgical theatre equipped with advanced medical imaging devices – enables intraoperative 2D and 3D imaging during minimally-invasive surgery.

The Getinge Experience Center (formerly the Getinge Showroom) is an international knowledge hub that presents a wide range of products and solutions within a complete, real-world medical setting. This center welcomes over 24,000 healthcare professionals per year. The new Hybrid OR is equipped with a combination of the new ARTIS pheno® robotic C-arm from Siemens Healthineers, the Maquet Magnus Operating Table and associated products (such as the Maquet Moduevo ceiling supply units, soon to be installed). This facility creates a unique environment where visitors can envision the possibilities of intraoperative imaging.

The Hybrid OR was officially opened on Tuesday 20 June 2017 by Frédéric Pette, Acting President Surgical Workflows, Getinge and Dr. Heinrich Kolem, President Advanced Therapy, Siemens Healthineers.

Frédéric Pette shared the visionary nature of the partnership and the strong focus on research and development. “With Siemens Healthineers we have a partner that has enabled us to upgrade our Hybrid OR with the latest robotic C-arm on the market. The combination of ARTIS pheno® and Maquet Magnus is taking imaging to a new level. And this is just the beginning. Our strategic partnership will lead to more innovative solutions in the near future.” 

“The last five years of our partnership have shown us that Getinge and Siemens Healthineers share a common vision - bringing imaging systems, robotics and surgery together. Therefore it was an easy decision for us to install one of the first ARTIS pheno® here at Getinge’s Experience Center and make this vision accessible to our customers. It also underlines how valuable this partnership is to us.” Dr. Heinrich Kolem added.

About ARTIS pheno®

ARTIS pheno® is an angiography system delivering images for individualized preprocedural planning, intraoperative guidance, and immediate assessment. The unique floor-mounted robotic C-arm system allows patients to be treated in a hybrid operating room regardless of their size, condition, or positioning needs, meeting the significant challenges modern minimally invasive treatment poses to imaging systems.

About the Getinge Hybrid OR

Getinge is a market leader in the hybrid OR market, completing over 900 installations worldwide, and providing the complete range of products including operating tables, surgical lights, ceiling supply units, wall and ceiling elements, anesthesia units, heart-lung machines and OR integration. 

About Getinge

Getinge is a global provider of innovative solutions for operating rooms, intensive-care units, sterilization departments and for life science companies and institutions. Based on our first-hand experience and close partnerships with clinical experts, healthcare professionals and medtech specialists, we are improving the every-day life for people, today and tomorrow.