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EACTS 2015 Amsterdam

Maquet focuses on education at world’s largest cardio-thoracic meeting in Amsterdam


Around 7,000 professionals from over 100 countries attended the 29th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS) in Amsterdam. The meeting attracted more visitors than ever before and exceeded in size with 3,440 m2 of booth space, 114 exhibitors and 6 training villages.

Unique lounge-concept booth

2 mio Maquet EVH proceduresThis year Maquet welcomed customers in a lounge-concept booth virtually void of products but with colorful images featuring “Art meets ECMO”, creating a relaxed atmosphere for exchanges. Videos and displays at the booth focused on endoscopic vessel harvesting (EVH), celebrating two million EVH procedures with Maquet devices. The MetaVision Perfusion™ Patient Data Management System for perfusionists – a complementary solution from iMDsoft, a leading provider of clinical information systems – was presented to the public for the first time and received a very good response from the audience.

Open training area and sponsored lunch symposium

Maquet training village at EACTS 2015At the well-attended open training village Maquet hosted multiple training sessions and workshops that featured key cardiothoracic products like CARDIOHELP, CARDIOSAVE and cardiothoracic drains.

Maquet sponsored a lunch time symposium on intraaMaquet Symposium at EACTS 2015ortic balloon counterpulsation therapy discussing “To Pump or not to Pump. What is the role of IABP in Cardiac Surgery?” Prof. W. Andrew Owens, James Cook University Hospital, UK chaired the symposium with the presenters Dr. Francesco Pappalardo, Italy, Dr. Guillaume Lebreton, France and Stefan C. Sandker from the Netherlands. The speakers presented updated information on clinical evidence of IABP in cardiac surgery patients, promising data on preoperative IABP support and the clinical benefits of adding IABP to VA-ECMO therapy. The lunch symposium attracted over 150 attendees.