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Charing Cross 2015

Most successful Charing Cross symposium 2015


With over 4,000 participants, Charing Cross Symposium is now a leading global event, and has become the longest running vascular and endovascular symposium in Europe. Since the first event in 1978, all Charing Cross Symposia have been characterized by a unique program and focus on identifying evidence for optimal vascular disease management.

During this year’s session, Maquet organized two very well attended satellite symposia and one edited live case session showing the clear benefits of their innovative products.

Charing Cross SymposiumMaquet graft portfolio an eye-catcher

This year, customers saw Maquet’s full graft portfolio in a unique way. A transparent female figurine was equipped with illuminated vessels and inserted grafts, allowing them to see each graft in place.

Additionally, Maquet Surgical Workplaces was represented with TEGRIS – the control center for integrated operating rooms. INSIGHT Clinical Logistics was on display to show how to ensure efficient workflows throughout the hospital.

Clinical symposia

Charing Cross SymposiumIn the first symposium “Innovative coated grafts – How do they improve your clinical outcomes?” Dr. Alan Lumsden, the PI of the FINEST trial, and Dr. Xavier Berard discussed the importance of specialized grafts. The content addressed two major topics: the benefits of combined ePTFE and polyester graft (like FUSION BIOLINE) over standard ePTFE grafts; and the use of antimicrobial grafts (like INTERGARD SILVER and INTERGARD SYNERGY) to prevent (re)infections.

Dr. Tara Mastracci and Dr. Konstantinos Donas later focused on the best clinical outcome in “Selecting the right patient for the right approach Ch-EVAR and FEVAR, when to choose what?” This session was also very well attended and there was a stimulating and intensive discussion among attendees.

Edited live case session

Charing Cross SymposiumThis was the first year for edited lived case sessions at the Charing Cross symposium. The Maquet session “The challenge of a complex mycotic aneurysm and the role of INTERGARD SYNERGY” from Dr. Jean-Paul de Vries was extremely well accepted.

Learn more about Dr. de Vries case presentation here…

Vascular International workshops

Charing Cross Symposium

VASCULAR INTERNATIONAL and Maquet organized six successful hands-on workshops during the Charing Cross Symposium. These open session workshops addressed different indications, and welcomed more than 120 trainees.