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Suture-Free Stabilization Devices

The STATLOCK Percutaneous Sheath Introducer (PSI) Stabilization Device is an adhesive-based alternative to the suture and tape securement of sheaths. It offers increased patient comfort and healthcare worker safety while providing effective stabilization for sheaths.

Suture Complications: Complications incurred with using suture can include the following

  • Suture wound oozing and infection
  • Increased occurrence of catheter-related bloodstream infections
  • Possibility of Healthcare Provider needle stick and resulting infection

Benefits of using STATLOCK PSI Stabilization Device

  • Eliminates suture-wound complications
  • Increases patient comfort
  • Provides proactive healthcare provider safety
  • Reduces complications that may lead to catheter-related blood stream infections

Standards of Practice Compliance

  •  CDC (2002 Guidelines) – "Sutureless securement devices can be advantageous over suture in preventing catheter-related blood stream infections (CRBSI's)"
  • OSHA (2004 Fact Sheet) – "As part of their annual review of methods to reduce needle sticks, employers must review options for securing medical catheters and consider appropriate engineering and work practice controls"
  • INS (2006 Guidelines) – "Whenever feasible, using a manufactured catheter stabilization device is preferred"

STATLOCK is a registered trademark of C. R. Bard, Inc.

Dual Adhesive

  • The slow set center adhesive pad allows for repositioning of the device. The hydrocolloid adhesive is more resistant to moisture
  • The fast set wing adhesive pads lock the device into position with an acrylic adhesive
  • Both adhesives must be removed with alcohol

Patient Friendly Materials

  • Tricot-woven polyester anchor pad
  • Proven acrylic and hydrocolloid adhesive formula
  • Molded polypropylene and krayton retainer
  • Waxed silk ties
  • No components or packaging contain latex



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