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Because of their unique combination of solid quality, their highest level of safety and their ease of use, the pressure-compensated S FLOW flowmeters are an extremely modern and flexible solution for hospitals, specialized medical practices and nursing homes.

Innovative technology

The pressure-compensated MEDAP tube flowmeters for oxygen and compressed air combine tried-and-tested performance features with innovative technology, ideal for continuous operation. They have a wide adjustment range and are exceptionally light.

Easy readability

The scaling is easily readable, even from a distance, supporting a seamless and secure workflow.

Precisely adjustable

The S FLOW O 15, S DFLOW O 15 and S FLOW A 15 have a 15 l/min flow that can be very accurately adjusted. Their deviation of just +/- 5% is well above the prescribed standard.

Extremely flexible

S FLOW flowmeters can be installed very quickly and easily to equipment rails, or at awkwardly located gas outlets. In order to provide optimum aerosol therapy, combination with MEDAP bubble and intensive humidifiers and MEDAP hand-held nebulizers is possible at all times.

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