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Engineered with simplicity and sophistication, the ROTAFLOW centrifugal pump is one of the smallest centrifugal pumps available. It is a highly flexible modular component for systems integration.

The ROTAFLOW Centrifugal Pump is the only centrifugal pump without a metal shaft or seal. This pump features a peg-top, one-point sapphire bearing that lowers friction substantially. Its spiral housing ensures an optimized flow ratio with no stagnant zones. The Centrifugal Pump's minimal priming volume of 32 ml considerably reduces hemodilution.

The ROTAFLOW pump head is the perfect choice - reliable and efficient for standard procedures as well as high-performance situations.

The ROTAFLOW centrifugal pump features:

  • Minimal priming volume
  • Minimal surface area
  • No stagnant blood zones and less hot spots
  • Minimal hemolytic index
  • Minimal MTT (Mean Transit Time)
  • Hydraulic optimized flow channels
  • Spiral housing for best flow ratio
  • Low-friction one-point bearing (sapphire ball & PE calotte)

The ROTAFLOW Centrifugal Pump is a component of the extracorporeal circuit and can be used in conjunction with the ROTAFLOW Console.

Certificate CE 0413
Standards IEC 60601-1, Type B, Class I
EMI EN 60601-1-2
Classification (MDD, Annex IX) IIb
Water protection IP64
Maximum flow deviation in case of error +20 %
Range 0 to 5000 RPM
Display resolution 1 RPM
Display accuracy ±20 RPM
Range 0 to 9.99 LPM
Display resolution 0.01 LPM
Display accuracy 0 to 1 LPM 0.07 LPM + offset drift
Display accuracy 1 to 9.99 LPM 7 % of actual value + offset drift
Offset drift max. 0.05 LPM
Environmental conditions
  Operation Storage Transportation
Temperature 17°C to 40°C -18°C to 45°C -18°C to 55°C
Relative humidity (non condensing) 30 % to 75 % 10 % to 96 % 10 % to 96 %
Air pressure 87 to 106 kPa 70 to 106 kPa 70 to 106 kPa
ROTAFLOW Centrifugal Pump
Pressure max. 750 mmHg
Flow 0 to 10 LPM
Connectors 3/8"
Material polycarbonate
Rotor diameter 50 mm
Surface 190 cm2
Priming volume 32 ml

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