With a high performance reserve and a significant reduction in priming volume, and the QUADROX-i is a significant member of the family of oxygenators.

The ease of priming, very high gas and heat exchange, and very low pressure drop characteristics of all QUADROX-i oxygenators make them a natural choice for all adults, now including smaller patients. Based on the well-known and well-established QUADROX technology, the QUADROX-i Small Adult oxygenator is available both with and without an integrated arterial filter.

  • Extremely low pressure drop², also with integrated filter
  • Low priming volume
  • Only 1.8 m² gas fiber surface area
  • Good O2 and CO2 transfer
  • Highly efficient heat exchanger
  • Optimized surface refinement with SOFTLINE Coating
  • BIOLINE Coating optionally available
  • Easy handling and an easy priming procedure

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