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The PLEGIOX Cardioplegia Heat Exchanger is powerful, safe and offers excellent efficiency and reliable performance in blood and crystalloid cardioplegia.

Priming Volume

A minimized priming volume of 31 ml reduces the amount of blood outside of the body during bypass. In this way it contributes to extracorporeal systems that are increasingly becoming smaller.

Hot Shot Functionality

Following a bypass, the Hot Shot function offers the perfusionist the opportunity to immediately administer normothermal blood cardioplegia that contains energy-rich substrates.

Integrated Bubble Trap

The integrated bubble trap with polyester screen guarantees a safe separation of air from the circular flow, as well as simple, quick ventilation both before and after the filter.

Optimal Biocompatibility

Polyurethane fibers provide optimal biocompatibility.

Temperature Range 1°C - 41°C
Maximum blood flow 1 l/min
Priming volume blood side 31 ml
Surface Area 0,13 m2
Maximum blood inlet pressure 1 bar
Maximum water inlet pressure 2 bar
Heat exchange medium Polyurethane fiber bundle
Temperature probe YSI-400
Blood inlet and outlet 1/4"
Water compartment Hansen type
Housing Polycarbonate
Fibers Polyurethane
Sealing material Polyurethane
Filter Polyester

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