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The ultimate small caliber graft, the INTERGARD Knitted UltraThin graft is one of the thinnest knitted polyester collagen-coated grafts on the market. It features proprietary ultra-thin wall technology designed to overcome complications such as hyperplasia, host vessels mismatch, and suture hole bleeding. The knitted construction is designed to promote optimal healing and provides excellent host vessel conformability during peripheral bypass procedures.

The INTERGARD Knitted UltraThin graft is available in a radially supported configuration for kink and compression resistance.

Material and Mechanical Properties

  • One of the thinnest knitted polyester collagen-coated grafts on the market
  • Reverse locknit knitting technique
  • Water permeability*: ≤ 5mL . cm-2. min-1
  • Wall thickness**:  0.35 mm
  • Burst strength**: 35.3 kg/cm2
  • 45° suture retention**: 1.83 kg

Excellent Handling and Suturing

  • Reverse locknit construction with excellent handling and suturing characteristics
  • Thinner and highly compliant graft due to radial and longitudinal pulsatility

Superior Hemostasis

  • No suture hole bleeding

* Testing performed per ANSI/AAMI ISO 7198:1998/2001.
** Test results are for customer evaluation only and do not represent a product


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